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Sri Potukuchi Somasundara Sastry, H.M., Sarada Primary School, Tenali,Guntur, Andhra Pradesh receiving the National Award as Best Teacher from Hon’ble Sri R. Venkatraman, President of India at New Delhi on 05-09-1991.
The Pothukuchi Somasundara  Social welfare and charitable trust (PSS Trust)  was established in the year 2003 August 15th,  by Mr.Pothukuchi Srinivas in honour of his father, the late P Somasundara Sastry who was a national-level best teacher awardee and an Andhra Pradesh (Combined Andhra Pradesh) state-level best teacher awardee. The charity has been in operation for the last 12 years.
The activities of the trust are up-liftment of below poverty line children (Boys and Girls) who pursuing their education in Government Schools, mainly on the  girl child in the family where the superstitions that are prevailing.  In general, it is observed that the girl child is found to be a burden in the family and the parents are eager to get rid off by performing child marriages even at the age of 12-13 years. The life has become miserable for the couple with early children and unstable financial situation making them to lead poverty dominated life and also compelling them to make the children as child labour.
To overcome this, the trust has firmly decided to bring some change in the life of downtrodden, and started educating the parents  on importance of education and its further fruits in the shape of better financial up-gradation of the family.  The students are picked from those who are studying in Government Schools only and imparting special coaching after school hours to them and making them to reach Polytechnic, Engineering & other vocational courses and also supporting up to getting employment.  The trust has succeeded initially in the mission and at present around 350 students under trust activity.
The trust is having 2 branches besides the main one at Miyapur.  The other branches are Bollarum and BHEL Township,
Majority of the parents of the students under the trust are of daily wage labour, Illiterate & lower income groups but much interested to see their children to prosper, the helping hand of the trust is motivating them to encourage others also to join their kids in the trust.  The trust is offering special coaching to the students besides offering one meal in the trust itself. Retired senior Scientists of Space research, top executives from different software giants and HR persons have voluntarily coming forward to impart skills to the students and motivating them to reach the higher goals.
We are providing Text Books, Note Books, Free coaching (9th to Engineering students),  Bus passes, College fees, Free Transport in the late hours for girls children  (Tata winger vehicle donated by M/s State Bank of India) and having one more vehicle omni, One time food, Having computer Lab, A good Library for children (9th class to Engineering books & General books) Motivation classes every second Sunday and fulfilling other educational needs. Organising annul days, National festivals, Parental motivation door to door regarding children education, and to stop early marriage to girl children.
Put simply, we are not complaining about other working groups including Govt. for the current situation of these students. We stand up for the noble cause of providing everyone (with out caste, creed, religion and region and just because of financial backwardness not to be a hurdle) and to be given an equal opportunity and a better tomorrow in terms of education and thought.

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Everyone can help us grow. And everyone can contribute in their own way. Come spend some time with the students, share your experiences. Become a teaching faculty at your nearest unit. Capable people can contribute in terms of donations and ideas.