Need Support

1. Education: As we are providing education facility to our children from 9th, 10th classes, 3 years of diploma and Engineering. And we are paying all fees which includes Challan fee, College fee, Semester fee, Text books, Note books, Records, Instruments( Calculators, Drafters etc.,) Library, National Board of Accreditation, Uniforms, College Transport, CRT Training, Coaching classes.

2. Food: As we do service to Bellow poverty line children where they don’t have healthy food facility at their places, we provide one time neutralized meal every day. and required Rice, Dal, Oil and cooking groceries.

3. Faculty: Trust provide faculty to teach students for all the classes from 9th class to Engineering and need support to pay the salaries to faculty.

4. Transport: We provide free transport to girl children in terms of safety who study in trust as they suppose to reach home. and need support for fuel expenses, driver salary and vehicle maintenance.. ”Need a new mini van to transport more girl children as their no is increasing and parents are more concern about their safety”

5. General Funding: As we have 3 more branches apart from main branch Miyapur, are BHEL, Bollaram, Deepthisree nagar..and need their maintenance like drinking water, usage water , power bills , Repairs and others

Long Standing

6. Building Construction: Trust Operations, students education is running in temporary premises which lead some disturbances to the children and organization also. Need a permanent place to operate so that we can educate more and more children. As there is place near Dharmapuri (Deepthisree nagar), and our chairman Mr.P.Srinivas own plot ready to construct.

7. Orphan Home: We want to spread our wings to different concepts and we started an Orphan home at Dharmapuri (Deepthisree nagar). And need more help to operate and care for needed orphan children..